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          Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
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          Motorcycle cylinder block

          2021-02-19 10:51:19
          Motorcycle cylinder block

          Double silver Low-E glass has good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance, so it has become one of the main products of LOW carbon and energy saving in the building materials industry. However, the double silver low-e glass produced in the past can not resist oxidation and can not be further processed in different areas. Now we are facing the problem that the gravity casting machine urgently needs to solve the equipment transformation and the research and development of new technology on the basis of the existing, so that the double silver low-e glass can fully meet the requirements of further processing in different areas, including cutting, edging, toughening, etc. At the same time, also need to introduce double silver low-e glass deep processing of different industry experts, professors, 2-5 people cooperation development, research, and production equipment and technology training to our employees, make the worker know production equipment, to master the core technology of production process, to modify equipment, depth development belongs to the new technology, new products of our factory, and for many years to obtain "the contract and trustworthy casting what is" the title of advanced unit. Our company is a professional manufacturer of high strength sound-proof magnetic lining board, alloy lining board, high manganese steel lining board, jaw plate, hammer head, plate hammer and conical fragments for ball mill.




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          contact:13906600566 (Mr.CAI)


          Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

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