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          Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
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          Xiangshan Chuangyi metal products Co., Ltd

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          Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

          Steel casting manufacturers

          2021-02-19 10:54:20
          Steel casting manufacturers

          Miniaturized energy-saving ring Large precision casting road car is low in price, low in energy consumption, low in use cost, convenient and flexible in use, wide in use and broad in market prospect. There is an urgent need for professional and technical personnel in the design, manufacturing and equipment matching of small energy-saving and environment-friendly road sweeper, to further improve the sweeping system design of the road sweeper on the basis of the original road sweeper, and to improve the overall performance of the whole vehicle. At present, the stress line clamp uses the traditional cutting, cutting and saw cutting method, manual operation, low efficiency steel casting foundry, high cost, need to have the automatic punching and cutting production line design ability of professional and technical personnel, to help us achieve the flat iron pad, saw pipe automatic continuous production, improve production efficiency. At present, there are 120 employees, 47 of whom have college degrees or above. To R & D, production, sales as one of the internal combustion engine piston ring products. The forced sealing oil ring products independently innovated by the company have been patented in many countries and regions such as China, the United States, Japan, Canada and the European Union. This product conforms to the national industrial policy, has entered the mass production.




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          contact:13906600566 (Mr.CAI)


          Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

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