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          Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
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          Analysis on the cause of gravity casting of complex castings and molded aluminum alloys

          2020-10-03 15:18:35

          Technical indicators :(1) The drying time of samples should be strengthened, and the bead density should be controlled by weighing tools in advance. (2) the coating has strong coating and suspension, strength and good air permeability. (3) For general complex castings and molds, the vibration acceleration is controlled between 10~20m/s2, and the amplitude is 0.5-1mm. (4) The pouring temperature of EPC is generally controlled at 30-50℃ higher than that of sand mold castings, and the multi-point 2-6 station is used for rapid casting. (5) EPC can obtain casting with complex shape and high precision. Sintering machine body is one of the indispensable forging and casting equipment in iron and steel plant, and the market demand is great. At present, due to the casting process problems, the service life of the sintering machine body is short, the table body is easy to damage, the grate parts must be replaced regularly, and the sintering quality is not stable. The sintering machine body includes castings such as sintering trolley, grate and trolley frame. At present, most of these castings are used, but the sand casting process has poor operating environment, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, high production cost and low dimensional accuracy. EPC technology can improve casting quality, dimensional accuracy, production efficiency, labor environment, labor intensity, investment and production cost. With a construction area of more than 10,000 square meters, it has a modern modeling workshop, painting assembly line and strong technical force. The annual production of all kinds of castings 15000 tons, export more than 100 kinds of products. Our products have also obtained the most authoritative British company BSIISO9000 quality system certification and KITEMARK certification, high-end brake brake disc.




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          contact:13906600566 (Mr.CAI)


          Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

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