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      2. Aluminum alloy casting under low pressure
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        Xiangshan Chuangyi metal products Co., Ltd

        The contact:13906600566(Mr.CAI)


        The phone:0574-65631678



        The url:www.mojthem.com

        Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

        Xiangshan Chuangyi Metal Products Co., Ltd

        Xiangshan Chuangyi Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Daxu Industrial Zone by the side of Xiangshan Port with beautiful sea view and rich products. It is close to the high-speed connecting line and has convenient transportation to Ningbo in half an hour. The company is a professional non-ferrous metal casting, mold design and development, processing as one of the enterprises, covers an area of more than 20 acres, construction area of more than 10,000 square meters.

        The enterprise has dozens of automatic low pressure casting machine, gravity casting machine and 200 to 630 tons of liquid extrusion machine and other equipment, and equipped with perfect spectral metallography,X-ray X-ray and other testing instruments; At the same time there are a number of mechanical processing equipment to meet the customer's different processing needs. The company has passed the national clean production enterprise environmental protection acceptance and ISO9001:2016, ISO/TS16949 quality system grade certification.

        The company's liquid low pressure casting, gravity casting, extrusion casting, sand casting and some high pressure casting aluminum alloy products have been widely used in construction machinery, high-speed trains, medical instruments, automobiles, wind power, radar, ships and other high-tech industries. The company is equipped with casting metal mold of about 300KG per piece, sand mold casting of 15 tons and casting size of nearly 4 meters, and has mastered the casting characteristics of ZL201 material. Especially introduction and innovation of liquid extrusion technology and equipment to solve the other casting process to meet the performance requirements, production of high-speed locomotive brake gas filling, vacuum pump body, automobile cylinder cylinder head and other high precision products for air pressure test and mechanical properties has passed the strict test of the authorities, and has gradually been applied, the company technical force is abundant, and jointly with Shanghai tongji university preparatory vehicles lightweight, high strength lightweight alloy casting, the company in the cooperation of the customer, get the consistent high praise.

        The company to provide customers with one-stop service, the realization of aluminium alloy casting "turnkey" project, casting quality "billion" brand, to create high-end foundry enterprise is our goal and motivation, innovation and progress to meet user demand for each step of the product, is also love returns to the user, Cai Minna company general manager with the staff sincerely welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to negotiate and cooperate.


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        contact:13906600566 (Mr.CAI)


        Address: No. 215, Dongzhao Road, Daxu Industrial Zone, Xiangshan, Ningbo

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